Amazon has decided to abandon its ‘Just Walk Out’ checkout system at its grocery stores.

Amazon's Checkout-Free Grocery Stores

Amazon’s decision to phase out its checkout-less grocery stores equipped with “Just Walk Out” technology, as reported by The Information, has sparked widespread interest and speculation. This move signifies a reversal of the innovative approach Amazon once embraced.

The Shift Away from Just Walk Out

Amazon, in a surprising turn, is moving away from Just Walk Out technology, which relied on cameras and sensors to monitor customers’ purchases as they left the store. Despite being featured in slightly over half of Amazon Fresh stores, the company has decided to discontinue its use. The system, which allowed customers to bypass traditional checkout lines, was not as automated as it seemed, depending on over 1,000 individuals in India to monitor and label videos for accurate checkouts.

Dash Carts: The New Checkout Experience

In place of Just Walk Out, Amazon is shifting its focus to Dash Carts, which integrate a scanner and screen into the shopping cart, enabling customers to checkout while they shop. This technology promises a more dependable solution compared to Just Walk Out. Additionally, Amazon Fresh stores will now offer self-checkout counters for non-Amazon members, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Challenges and Controversies Surrounding Just Walk Out

Despite its initial promise, Just Walk Out faced several challenges, including delays in receiving receipts and substantial operational costs. Reports indicate that a significant portion of transactions required human reviewers, far exceeding Amazon’s internal goals. This raised questions about the system’s efficiency and reliability, prompting Amazon to reconsider its approach.

Amazon’s Strategic Move in the Grocery Sector

Amazon’s decision to phase out Just Walk Out reflects a strategic shift in its approach to the grocery sector. By prioritizing initiatives with more promising prospects for scalability and profitability, Amazon aims to solidify its standing in the fiercely competitive market. This move aligns with the company’s broader objective of diversifying its revenue streams and capturing a larger share of the lucrative grocery market.


Amazon’s decision to phase out checkout-less grocery stores marks a significant shift in its retail strategy. By embracing new technologies like Dash Carts and reevaluating past experiments, Amazon aims to strengthen its position in the competitive grocery market. As the company continues to refine its strategies and offerings, it remains committed to innovation and delivering an exceptional shopping experience to customers worldwide.

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