How to Tag in X (Twitter) in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide


Tagging is an important part of using X. It helps you connect with others, share stuff, and talk to people. This guide will show you How to Tag in X and how you can use it on X.

Understanding X’s Tagging System

Here’s how to tag someone on X: Start by writing a post or comment. Then, just type the “@” symbol followed by the person’s username. Easy as that!

Choosing the User: When you type “@” and start entering the username, X will suggest options based on what you’ve typed. Just select the user you want from the suggestions.

How to Tag in X

Complete Your Message: Once you’ve selected the user you want to tag, continue typing your message or post as you normally would. Once you’re done and publish your message, the tagged user will receive a notification, informing them that they’ve been mentioned.

Tagging in Comments: When you want to tag someone in a comment, simply use the “@” symbol followed by the username, just like in regular posts. This allows you to engage in discussions or respond directly to particular users.

How to Tag in X:

Tagging in Stories: When using X Stories, you can tag users by adding text or stickers to your story and including their username. This helps you mention and involve other users in your story content.

Tagging in Photos and Videos: While uploading photos or videos, you can tag users by tapping on the image and selecting the “Tag People” option. Then, tap on the user or area you want to tag to mention them in your post.

How to Tag in X:

Tagging Multiple Users: You can tag several users in one post or comment by including each username preceded by the “@” symbol.

How to Tag in X:

Tagging in Group Chats: In group chats or direct messages, you can mention specific users to highlight a message or subject. Just type “@” followed by their username.

How to Tag in X:

Tagging in Captions: When writing descriptions for your posts, just add “@” and then the username of the person you want to tag in the caption.


Tagging Users on X: Can You Tag Non-Followers?

Yes, you can tag people on X even if they’re not following you. However, note that if their privacy settings limit interactions from non-followers, they might not see the tag notifications.

Tag Notifications on X: Do Users Get Notified?

Yes, when you tag someone on X, they receive a notification in their activity feed. This notifies them that they’ve been mentioned in a post or comment, making it convenient to catch their attention.

Tagging Businesses and Brands on X

Yes, you can tag businesses and brands on X by using the “@” symbol followed by their username or X tag. This is often done for collaborations, reviews, or when mentioning products.

Untagging Someone on X

If you’ve tagged someone in a post or comment and want to remove the tag, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the Post or Comment: Open the post or comment where you tagged the person.
  2. Remove the Tag: Delete their username preceded by the “@” symbol from the content.
  3. Save Changes: After removing the tag, save your changes to update the post or comment without the tag.

Tagging in X Stories

You can tag users in your X Stories by adding text or stickers to your story and including their username. This allows you to mention others in your Stories.

Guidelines for Tagging on X

X encourages users to tag others respectfully and in line with community guidelines. Avoid excessive tagging or tagging users in unrelated content.

Tagging After Posting

Yes, you can tag someone in a photo or video on X even after you’ve posted it. Simply go to the post, tap on the photo or video, and select the “Tag People” option.

User Control Over Tagging

Users have control over who can tag them on X. They can adjust their privacy settings to allow tags from everyone, their followers, or no one.

Preventing Tags

To prevent being tagged in a specific post or comment on X, you can remove the tag by editing the post or comment and deleting your username.

Tagging Limitations

X may impose limitations on tagging, such as the number of users you can tag in a single post or comment. These limitations may vary and are subject to X’s policies.


Tagging plays a vital role in enhancing your experience on X, facilitating connections, content sharing, and communication. This guide has provided comprehensive insights into how to effectively use tagging on X.

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