Saudi Arabia Tourism Sector Flourishes: Foreign Visitor Spending Surpasses $36 Billion

Saudi Arabia Tourism

Saudi Arabia tourism had a big win in last year. Data from the Saudi Central Bank shows that foreign visitors spent a record-breaking SAR135 billion ($36 billion). This is the most money spent by tourists in Saudi history, up by 42.8 percent from 2022.

This huge increase in spending shows how Saudi Arabia is working hard to improve its tourism industry. In 2023, the country became a top player in global tourism. It led the United Nations list for the growth of international tourists compared to 2019. With a whopping 56 percent increase in tourist arrivals, Saudi Arabia proved it’s becoming a favorite destination for travelers.

International recognition

Saudi Arabia’s tourism successes have gained recognition from esteemed organizations like the UN World Tourism Organization and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Welcoming over 100 million visitors, both domestic and international, in 2023, earned commendation from these entities. This acknowledgment highlights the Kingdom’s dedication to enhancing its tourism industry.

The United Nations Tourism Barometer report in January 2024 shared good news about Saudi Arabia’s tourism. It showed a big recovery, with 156 percent more tourists visiting in 2023 compared to 2019. This proves how strong and adaptable Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry is.

As Saudi Arabia keeps improving its infrastructure, showing off its cultural sites, and making visits more enjoyable, the future of its tourism looks bright. By focusing on being sustainable and innovative, Saudi Arabia aims to become a top destination and meet its Vision 2030 goals. This will bring in more visitors from all over the world and help the country’s economy grow diversely.

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