Seven iPhones Secured Spots in the Top 10 Best-selling List of 2023

iPhones best selling

In 2023, Apple dominated phone sales like never before, with their iPhones taking the top seven spots globally. This is a big deal.

The first iPhone 15 only shows up in 5th place, according to Counterpoint’s list of best-selling phones and their market share:

iPhone 14 – 3.9%
iPhone 14 Pro Max – 2.8%
iPhone 14 Pro – 2.4%
iPhone 13 – 2.2%
iPhone 15 Pro Max – 1.7%
iPhone 15 Pro – 1.4%
iPhone 15 – 1.4%
Galaxy A14 5G – 1.4%
Galaxy A04e – 1.3%
Galaxy A14 4G – 1.3%

This is the first time Apple has ever claimed the top seven spots.

Apple’s achievement is confirmed by Counterpoint Research, showing they topped the global smartphone sales for 2023.

Samsung managed to secure the last three spots on the list, which is an improvement from last year. Only Apple and Samsung have been on this list since 2021.

The combined market share of the top 10 phones hit a record 20% in 2023, up from 19% in 2022.

Usually, older models sell better because they’re cheaper. But in 2023, the Pro models sold more. This is probably because they have better features.

The iPhone 14 was the best-selling phone of 2023, with half of its sales coming from the US and China. It made up 19% of all iPhone sales that year, which is less than the iPhone 13’s 28% share in 2022. People didn’t see much difference between the iPhone 13 and 14, so they bought more of the Pro models, which have cool features like Dynamic Island, a faster chip, and a better screen.

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