Governor Initiative Rozgar Scheme by Kamran Tessori


Governor Kamran Tessori has introduced the Rozgar Initiative, an ambitious program designed to provide financial assistance to budding entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The initiative aims to stimulate economic growth and foster community support by offering grants ranging from 1 lakh to 1 crore PKR to help start or expand businesses.

How to Apply for the Rozgar Scheme

Submission of Proposals at the Governor House

Applicants interested in securing funding must draft a comprehensive business proposal and submit it to the Governor House. This detailed proposal is essential for accessing the financial grants provided by the Rozgar Initiative.

Evaluation by Business Experts and NGO Representatives

Proposals are reviewed on a weekly basis by a panel of prominent businessmen and NGO representatives. This rigorous evaluation process ensures that only the most feasible and impactful business plans are selected for funding.

governor initiative rozgar scheme

Selection Process and Fund Disbursement

Communication and Final Selection

If a proposal meets the initiative’s criteria, applicants will be contacted by the panel to further discuss their business plans. This conversation is crucial for understanding the applicant’s vision and the potential community impact of the proposed business.

Receipt of Funds

Successful applicants will receive notification and the approved grant amount will be directly transferred to their bank accounts, ensuring a swift and secure delivery of funds.

Terms of the Rozgar Grant

The Rozgar Scheme offers interest-free financial assistance with no repayment required, significantly lowering entry barriers for potential entrepreneurs who might be hesitant due to the fear of accumulating debt.

Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori Rozgar & Loan Scheme

Commitment to Community Support

Unique to this program, grant recipients are required to sign a pledge committing them to help another individual achieve business success once they have established their own venture. This commitment to mutual aid not only maximizes the impact of the initial grant but also strengthens the economic base of the community.


Governor Kamran Tessori’s Rozgar Initiative marks a significant move towards economic empowerment and community development. By eliminating interest and repayment demands and promoting a culture of support among entrepreneurs, the Rozgar Scheme is set to have a profound effect on the region’s economic landscape.

This is a remarkable opportunity for individuals and organizations to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions and contribute to wider societal progress. Interested parties are encouraged to apply and participate in this transformative initiative.

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